Document Your Process in 2 Easy Steps

Document Your Process in 2 Easy Steps

A process document describes the steps of a business process. It is an internal document designed to ensure that the defined process is carried out correctly.

Why Document a Process

A business can be seen as a group of interrelated processes, and the overall business survival depends on how effectively the processes are carried out.

Document in 2 Easy Steps

Follow the two easy steps - prepare and write.


  1. Identify your process. The process can be as simple as Onboarding a New Employee. Use existing records and approach individuals to get the process right.
  2. Define its objective clearly. For the above example - make the new employee familiar with the organization and the aspects of her role, in the shortest possible time.
  3. Determine the scope of the process document carefully. Check if it is a complete process that you are documenting or a subprocess. Describe the start / end points and boundary conditions.
  4. Identify your audience. Check if it is only a specific team, or the entire organization. Confirm if it includes outsiders. Know their background and knowledge level.
  5. Decide on the format, language, and presentation based on the above information.


  1. Break down the process into steps. Assign individual roles to the steps. Identify and note all the organizational resources at every step. For example, while onboarding a new employee, a welcome kit may include a set of user ids /passwords.
  2. Describe the process in the correct sequence including parallel steps, loops, and exceptions. Use flowcharts and other visual tools for better clarity. Verify that all possible cases are covered.
  3. Get the process validated from the team and other stakeholders.
  4. Simplify the text and make it easy to understand. Use examples, charts, videos, and graphics as necessary. Add tips and troubleshooting advice.
  5. Test and edit. Iterate.

Finally, decide a revision schedule to ensure that the documentation is always updated and in sync with the current process. For more information, contact and get your process documents done at the highest professional level.