Better User Assistance

Improve UX with Better User Assistance

How does a User Assistance contribute towards the User Experience? Is User Assistance the same old Help packaged in a new avatar? What exactly is User Assistance (UA) about?

The major difference is the approach. The typical Help tends to help the user in achieving his goals, giving standard procedures and sometimes faster methods. The UA takes a broader role of guiding the user proactively in achieving her goals, much before she needs to ask for it.

How? And Why?

To give a consistently good UX (User Experience), any form of assistance or guidance cannot be an afterthought. It needs to be part of the experience right from the beginning.

Good UX demands quick, crisp, and useful information - and UA can achieve it through:

Such extensive material needs detailed planning, including uniform use of colors, backgrounds, buttons, and other interface elements. That is the reason for including UA in UX design.

A good UX is today a minimum. A better UX satisfies users much beyond their expectations. And delivering UA at critical points through innovative formats, maximizes the user experience.

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