Revamp Your Documentation

Top 3 Reasons to Revamp Your Documentation

If you have been only updating your product documentation for last few years, without any major strategic shift, it's time to revamp it completely.

There are multiple reasons for documentation revamp, and here are the top three:

  1. Changes in User Behavior: Gone are the days of users referring to PDF manuals, or for that matter online help. Many of them simply Google their query and pick up the best answers from available forums. Some of the users now prefer demo videos to written instructions, and their default search is from YouTube. As users get more comfortable with accessing internet through smaller screens, images and presentation formats also need a critical rethink.

  2. UX and Expectations: The best documentation is low-key, available to users without asking, and consistent with the product UX (User Experience). The documentation should not only complement the UX, but also enhance it. If your documentation does not fit this paradigm, it's time for a serious revision. Read more at Improve UX with Better User Assistance.

  3. Strategy Shift: Overall industry focus shift to customer interaction is now much more evident. Think why customers come to you, and should come to only you. And then weave you documentation around that reason. Keep the focus on superior interaction. Especially in the times of "global customers - global providers", decide how the interaction is going to fit with your wide-ranging customer profile.

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